otta designer

I am Roshanak Nouri. In the course of my life, studying art, and working as a graphic artist, I have come into contact with various cultures and many countries, from my own beautiful Persia, to the lights of Paris, and then Florence – the home of my heart. My desire to meld all these experiences led to Otta, my scarf brand, where the harmony of color is produced in that most precious of fabrics, silk.
Otta is produced in Italy, with the uinqueness that characterize “Made in Italy”, with original, captivating and exclusive design as well as entirely hand-rolled hem.
A scarf is one of the most versatile and elegant of accessories. In my scarves there is no dominant color. Colors and shades change from corner to corner, leaving the wearer the freedom to combine them with a wide range of clothing. The designs are the fruit of my emotions. They are created with passion to transmit a moment of “colorful” joy.
Otta is a word derived from the Florentine spoken by Dante and Boccaccio meaning “now”, “this very minute”, “in this moment”. It means it is the right moment to wear a scarf whose designs harbor the secrets and passions of the lands that inspired them.

Why silk?

Silk is a luxurious, elegant fiber, pleasing to touch and look at because of its characteristic softness and brilliance. Elastic but resilient, it is extremely lightweight but also insulates and so is cool in summer and warm in winter, with an excellent capacity to absorb humidity. A fabric that has handed down the most fascinating secret of luxury through the ages.
Otta makes all its scarves entirely from 100% silk twill, using the highest quality thread, so that they are as naturally beautiful as they can be.

What makes the difference between traditional and digital printing?

The revolution of digital printing on fabric has opened up new possibilities for artists and fashion stylists. Compared to traditional printing, digital offers an infinite range of luminous colors, extremely sharp details, previously impossible shades of color, and the uniform application of solid colors.
In Otta scarves, the quality of the print on both sides of the fabric is indistinguishable, due to the ability of highly qualified Italian operators who are able to make the color penetrate both sides evenly, with obvious practical advantages.
otta silk scarf front and back view

What is the real value of traditional craftsmanship?

The perfection of a scarf greatly depends on the quality of the hemming as this determines the final aesthetic effect. A hand-rolled hem is an intrinsic part of a scarf's beauty and is essential to keep the scarf's shape once it has been tied around the neck.
In an Otta scarf, moreover, as the color of the design changes so does the matching color of the thread and this top quality hand finishing makes the scarf a true masterpiece of Italian craftsmanship.


Our gift box:

Otta scarves come in elegant gift boxes to make them even more special and precious in the eyes of the person who receives them.